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Welcome to JG11 Racing


 New F1 series now running,we are proud to anounce that JG11 team,id featuring well in the points.and is a most enjoyable series to date

F107 Rd. 3 Indianapolis GP

Place Driver Total time Gap Car Number Team N laps N pitstops Points
1 Blair Disley 30:41.5 / F107 F107 1010 Mclaren F107 73 3 (L23, L50) 10
2 Peter Junek 30:41.9 -1laps F107 F107 1006 Renault F107 72 3 (L26, L50) 8
3 Simon Aquilina 31:16.6 -1laps F107 F107 1011 Simcroft Racing 72 4 (L13, L42, L66) 6
4 Sebastian Cutugno 31:51.5 -1laps F107 F107 1027 Forza Ferrari F107 72 5 (L26, L28, L29, L30, L54) 5
5 Adrian Bycroft 30:47.3 -3laps F107 F107 1077 Simcroft Racing 70 6 (L17, L35, L50, L62, L67) 4
6 Andrew Tuckwood 31:20.7 -4laps F107 F107 1058 AC Ferrari F107 69 3 (L20, L40, L59) 3
7 Ben Shakespeare 31:36.2 -5laps F107 F107 1056 HO Ferrari F107 68 7 (L11, L12, L13, L14, L23, L47, L54) 2
8 Mike Russell DNF -22laps F107 F107 1052 BR Racing F107 51 4 (L25, L50, L51) -
9 Dale Press DNF -31laps F107 F107 1055 HO Ferrari F107 42 3 (L17, L37) -
10 Wayne Domigan DNF -45laps F107 F107 1051 BR Racing F107 28 1 (L21) -
11 Adam Hardie DNF -59laps F107 F107 1016 Toyota F107 14 2 (L1, L5) -
12 Vance Le Garde DNF -67laps F107 F107 1660 Cadbury Mclaren F107 6 0 -
13 Richard Freedman DNF -73laps F107 F107 1606 Cadbury Mclaren F107 0 0 -

Round reports can be viewed from below

Round 1 Bahrain GP

Round 2 Monaco GP

Round 3 Indy GP


NEWS 22/1/07

a new association between triple P racing and the mighty III/JG11 network has been established and is currently being trialed.interested drivers should visit

A new mod for rFactor is currently being run in its inaugral season at TPR

the GP 1979 F1 season,to be specific,an excellent mod recreating the fantastic turbo era of F1.sign ups are in progress and almost full,so be quick. visit the above link for details.


 NEWS 20/08/2006

it is with great pleasure i announce the FIA has accepted the nomination of the JG11 Racing team into the F1 season.drivers Simmox and Reaper have been given the go ahead to join the already in progress season 2006.

the team has aquired the new Simtek engines and chassis,which promise to be a strong package.

hopes are high that JG11 racing can perform well in its first outting at the British Grand Prix.due to be run on the 28th of this month.


 NEWS 12/08/2006

New Event for rFactor F1 champions v 1.05 now in construction.invites to be sent out to the various drivers and clubs shortly.rules and prize details as we progress.intestions are to have as close as possible to an authentic season,although distance will surely be and drivers will be teams as per the norm,so drivers to nominate their 1st through 3rd car preferences and seats,we cant all drive ferraris.points system and constructors will be combined to decide the championship winners,so teamates will be important to gaining the 1st 2nd 3rd prizes

still a WIP so results based on interest gained

interested drivers should contact me via the usual channels to nominate





 NEWS 11/08/2006

GTR2 demo is currently installed on the JG11 Racing server,and is being run friday nights,at this stage.files are available at

all Drivers and invited guests welcome



 NEWS 9/08/2006

 With the upcomming release of GTR2 and the excellent F1 Champions mod available for rFactor.our first season will probably comprise of a weekly GTR2 event and for the F1 fans ,a monthly F1 Champions event based of a real season will be drawn up and interest gleaned

both events will contain drivers from JG11 and invited drivers

consideration for a GPL race meet to will also be looked at

the site is new and still underconstruction,updates and additions to follow as my skills improve

Regards Simmox


 NEWS 26/07/2006

 More videos have been done, One more from Simmo and one from FJ

You can download them here. Sprint 3.wmv     31 megs gunn wip_0001.wmv   39 megs



 NEWS 18/07/2006

 Jg11 Racing Team has produced a video, great work Simmo.

You can download it here. [26 megs] clip2.wmv




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